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Retail, Service and Professional Opportunities
in Jefferson County Florida

From shopkeepers and small farm producers to service providers and professionals, Jefferson County Florida welcomes independent businesses.

Whether your business supports our active tourism industry or the everyday lives of your local community, we have parcels of land or pre-existing buildings to suit your needs.

aerial view of downtown Monticello, Florida

Enhancing Downtown Monticello

The county seat, Monticello, Florida, is the center of activity for Jefferson County. Businesses include eating establishments, antique stores, FMB Bank and a variety of services.

It is also the location of the Opera House and several events during the year, including the famous Watermelon Festival.

The EDC is committed to finding businesses that complement and enhance the local, historical flavor of the town, while improving the quality of goods and services available to the county's inhabitants.

"Rural areas are surprisingly entrepreneurial"

"The United States’ continuing economic dominance is perhaps most attributable to the very smallest elements of its economy: its entrepreneurial start-ups. Nearly 700,000 new job-creating businesses open each year. That’s almost 2,000 every day, each helping to create new market niches in the global economy.

"Most people mistakenly believe these pioneering establishments occur in overwhelmingly in metropolitan areas, such as in the now-mythic start-up culture of Silicon Valley.

"Yet, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, it is in fact nonmetropolitan counties that have higher rates of self-employed business proprietors than their metropolitan counterparts."

From an article in PBS NEWSHOUR dated March 17, 2017

Support for Agritourism & Outdoor Events

The intersection of agriculture and tourism—is a growing trend fueled by consumers. There is increasing opportunity here in Jefferson County for small business retail and service support for these industries.

Other Small Towns

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Jefferson Means Business, is here to support your business success, from shopkeepers to consultants... construction contractors to health care providers... food service establishments to farmers... and other businesses of wide variety.

Success Story

Rev Cafe exterior view, Monticello, FL

Rev Cafe

After spending years with a local franchise, with much success, Joe & Jaclyn Costanzo felt the need to venture out on their own with the passion they have always had in the restaurant industry. They moved to a quiet life in the small town Monticello, FL, and felt the only thing missing was a great restaurant. So why not open one?

Their signature cuisine is based on the unique, local flavors of Monticello and the region.